That Inner Strength That Makes the Difference. Pedro Plays to Win

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The Spain international clearly explained that the only way to compete is to aim for the maximum goal. Pedro has an irresistible desire to win.

It seems to be a matter of mentality and approach to life. The desire to compete and the ambition to win without being afraid to say it out loud. Yesterday’s press conference showed us that Pedro is a champion at 360 degrees.

Champions have a fundamental characteristic, they show you the way. The real goal of a top team must always be the final victory.

My motivation is the same, a strong inner desire to win and achieve goals. It will be difficult but we have to create this strong mentality.

Pedro told the press yesterday in the press conference

The Spain international believes Roma must play each match with a deep desire for victory because the team is strong and capable of reaching the qualification for the Champions League. But that only has to be the “minimum goal“.

It’s difficult to compete. But this has to be the mentality. That’s where you need to set the bar. If you want to compete for the fourth position, you’ll end up eight or seventh. The goal must always be to try to win and then you have to see how the season goes. But, as I said before, Roma, as a club, tradition, and history, deserves to play in next year’s Champions League. We will fight for all the titles of this season to reach our objectives.


Strong and wise words from an experienced player. The feeling is that Pedro will be very important for the Giallorossi giving a great contribution to the club on and off the pitch. He has the right mentality and that inner strength that makes the difference.

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