CIES: Roma, a potential 27% loss on players’ value

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Football clubs could see a decrease in players’ value if the season is over and no contracts will be extended. Roma’s potential loss would be relevant.

Football’s executives are thinking about the future of this sport while clubs are trying to implement strategies to survive this pandemic also from a financial standpoint.

According to CIES Football Observatory, the potential loss on players’ value could be extremely relevant if no match matches will be played and no contracts will be extended until the end of June. The potential values of the players have been calculated on the basis of the CIES football algorithm.

Taking into account several variables, the assessment has been made on relevant economic factors and also based on the clubs’ recent economic efforts made on the transfer market. The period under consideration is in reference to the potential values from March 11 to June 30, 2020.

In light of that, Roma would have a potential loss in the value of its players estimated at €147 million (27.2%). The three clubs that would see a major drop in the market value of their players are Manchester City (– €412 million), Barcelona (– €366m), and Liverpool (– €353 million).

On the basis of this potential outcome, Roma’s best strategy for the future would be to focus on consolidation. Experts and many of those currently working in this wonderful sport are predicting that football will be very different after the Coronavirus crisis is over.

The impact on Italian clubs would be extremely significant. According to the CIES report, Inter could have a potential loss in the players’ value of €276 million, Juventus (– €222m), and Napoli (– €181m).

(CIES Football Observatory | Weekly Post)

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