Florenzi-Perez: when things change suddenly

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The Italian player is moving to Valencia while the Spaniard just began a new adventure at Roma. Florenzi and Perez, their careers have something in common.

The path of life can have a thousand facets. Exciting adventures that can sometimes even be sad. But new experiences are also stimulating. They have the power to open your mind and make you discover the world from other points of view.

Alessandro Florenzi and Carles Perez’s careers have something in common. Their professional stories only crossed for one day but gave strong feelings to their hearts.

The now-former captain of the Giallorossi will travel to Spain tomorrow. Florenzi will join Valencia on a straight loan deal until June 2020. 6 months to understand something more about his future.

The Italian fullback would have never imagined leaving his beloved club, but things change suddenly at times. Paulo Fonseca does not consider him one of the most important players to develop his game, and in order to not lose EURO 2020, Florenzi decided to move far away from Roma.

Carles Perez, instead, arrived in the Italian capital today. When Valverde was training the Blaugrana, he had the chance to show his quality. But with the arrival of Setien on Barcelona‘s bench, something has changed.

The new coach doesn’t consider the talented winger a player ready to make a difference in his team and Carles Perez was therefore forced to leave the Camp Nou.

Florenzi and Perez have something in common at this time. Two new unplanned professional experiences are now a reality. Two players who really love their former clubs have been forced to make a change. Life can be unpredictable at times. But new adventures are also very exciting. Good luck to both of them!

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