Nainggolan Back to Roma…Simply a Romantic Suggestion

Radja Nainggolan
Radja Nainggolan

If rumors were to be confirmed, Inter’s coach Conte would be ready to let him go. Nainggolan would love a Roma return albeit almost impossible.

Nowadays, football is made of sustainable management and financial statements but sometimes its passionate and romantic side still manages to take over.

If we don’t take into consideration the painful departures of the legitimate sons of Rome, Totti and De Rossi, the sale of Radja Nainggolan has been the one that seriously shocked the Roma fans.

Antonio Conte‘s recent arrival at Inter has opened an unexpected scenario. The Italian coach would be ready to let Radja Nainggolan go and, reportedly, the midfielder would love to join Roma again.

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Love stories are beautiful and interesting but sometimes couples in love can’t get back together for various reasons. This seems to be the current situation between Roma and Nainggolan.

The numbers simply don’t add up! Financially speaking this operation wouldn’t be right even if the return of one of the fans’ greatest heroes could trigger a spark in the hearts of the passionate Roma supporters.

This fairy tale seems to have been interrupted today by the Belgian player. Nainggolan spoke to Sky Sport and stated: “I’m not going to talk about the transfer market. I have always been on a team for many years and it would be strange to leave Inter after a season. They are trying to grow and I would like to grow with them but let’s see how it goes.” 

Thoughts of a player who never concealed his immense love for Rome and Roma. The transfer market period is long and sometimes surprising. The focal point is always the same…is it better to give greater importance to the off-the-field aspects or prioritize the on-the-field plays?

The real answer to this question is…It depends! Roma would be fine by choosing to bring Nainggolan back or not. But in a football made almost exclusively of financial decisions, let us dream at least this time.

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