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Francesco Totti - AS Roma
Francesco Totti - AS Roma

Francesco Totti spoke to the press today and left the club after 30 years highlighting that one of the main problems is that some do not perceive the needs of Roma fans.

One of the main tenets in the marketing world is to understand who your customers are. The target audience must always be placed at the center of an ambitious business plan. Without customer satisfaction, a business could face huge sustainability problems.

Although Francesco Totti spoke for more than one hour today, what he said about the environmental factor should make everyone think. According to the legendary number 10 of the Giallorossi, the ownership of the club may be unaware of what they are taking away from the city of Rome.

“For me, they don’t realize that because they don’t live everyday life [in Rome]. They do not live fan, radio, and TV. They do not know anything about Rome and what the Roman is. When you are here, the situation is totally different,” said Totti to the press.

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Totti’s words could also be interpreted as a help for the President of the Lupi. According to him, Jim Pallotta knows only a fraction of what happens in the Italian capital. “Those who are on the other side of the world get 1% of what really happens here. I hope he will realize that but now the time has passed,” highlighted Totti today.

Strong and destructive words that could also be decisive for changing direction. Francesco Totti is not a Roma executive anymore but those who are still leading the club of Trigoria should carefully analyze the words of one of the kings of Rome.

Francesco Totti also wanted to thank the American investor: “I thank him because he let me stay at Roma. He gave me the opportunity to work, to know another reality that I already knew from a certain point of view. As a manager, I had the opportunity to learn about many other things I never thought I would know, so I thank him so much. He is the president of Roma and I hope he can bring it as high as possible. Now he must be good at regaining people’s trust. I hope someone close to him can give him the right advice.”

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