Rome Cries For Its Legend

De Rossi | AS Roma
De Rossi | AS Roma

The fans in the eternal city are shocked and disappointed after De Rossi’s farewell.

No one expected such a drastic and sudden end. Although the financial factor is increasingly important in football, some legendary heroes should be preserved and pampered as precious goods.

Daniele De Rossi represented not only the football on the field but the Roman style and frankness of people who viscerally live with and for their beloved team.

We are not talking about tactics or Champions League. Victories or painful defeats have nothing to do with it. Daniele was the medium with whom the fans were represented in the complicated world of football.

Rome seems to have rejected this direct managerial style. People cannot understand and cry for their beloved leader.

But everything passes and even the most bitter things have to be digested. But this is not the time to despair but to react positively to life that, from time to time, puts us in front of painful choices.

De Rossi is and will always be a milestone of this historic team. The undisputed representative of the particular, passionate, and demanding Roman environment.

Sometimes, even trophies take second place. The Romans base their beliefs on deep-rooted collective values that no one can ever touch.

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