A New Stadium for the Sake of Roma, the City, and Italian Football

Stadio Della Roma
Stadio Della Roma

President Pallotta has highlighted, once again, that the new Roma stadium is necessary to compete against the best clubs in the world. The American investor believes it will bring benefit to the eternal city as well.

Nowadays, football cannot be considered just a sport. The best clubs in the world make huge profits and pour hundreds of millions of euros in the transfer market. Operating costs must also take this factor into account. Finance should not be an unknown subject but it should be absorbed by everyone to understand the strategies of a football club.

Jim Pallotta is a master in this area. His economic predictions were not wrong. Roma needs a new stadium to challenge the best clubs in the world. Only by increasing profits the Giallorossi will be able to enter the football elite.

“I’ve said it a million times before. If we want to consistently compete with the best teams in Europe, we need the stadium,” wrote Jim Pallotta today. A new facility would be a great asset not only for his club but, “it would be for the benefit of the city and the benefit of Italian football.”

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Although not everyone believes that the American businessman is investing in the glorious team of the Italian capital for pure football interest, Pallotta clearly highlighted that money is not something that could change his life at this time.

“For those who think that I’m only interested in making money out of Roma, they couldn’t be more wrong,” said the President of the Lupi. “If the team is worth more at some point in the future, that’s not going to change my life one bit. I have been lucky and blessed and my life is not going to change by me making more money.”

His words may not change the minds of the most skeptical, but his desire to react to this difficult moment should please those who still believe in his way of running the club. “I understand if many of you are not happy about some of the things that have gone on, particularly recently,” stated Pallotta as reported by the official AS Roma website. “I’m also not happy. I’m not happy with the football results and not happy that we still do not have a stadium.”

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