Pallotta and His Sense of Urgency to Build a Great Roma

The American investor wants to lead a sustainable business developing it on a solid foundation. Pallotta is more than a businessman, he wants to reach the stars touching them as soon as possible. 

I have to say that his way of doing business excites me. He is like the last generation tank with some natural flaws but with so many qualities to discover and eventually appreciate.

Although under his management Roma have not reached the glory in the past six years, we can definitely admit that the club of Trigoria made a huge leap in quality under different points of view. The Bostonian investor has hired a group of top professionals working in different areas. Paul Rogers is the absolute tech guru behind the social channels of the Lupi. And even the much-criticized Monchi is seen as a sports director of supreme quality and experience.

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But football is a weird animal. You can do whatever you want but if you do not reach the glory you will always be judged negatively. This is a harsh law in the professional sports world. Everyone wants to celebrate for a trophy not just enjoying for a project that could and should make you reach the stars.

“I’m never totally satisfied but we’re trying to build that global brand. Roma has a lot more respect in the football world that they may have had six years ago,” said Pallotta to the official channel of his club. “The last six or seven months have been hard.”

The American businessman also expressed his frustration for the numerous delays in the construction of the stadium. His ‘make-it-happen’ approach is well-known to all those who know him. “I’ve felt a bit frustrated that maybe some people in the business area haven’t shared the same sense of urgency or desire to reach for the stars that I’m used to or what I expect,” said Pallotta as reported by

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