Baldissoni Explains the Procedure for Building the Roma Stadium

Stadio della Roma
Stadio della Roma

Roma vice-president Mauro Baldissoni clarified that today’s approval for the new stadium is just another step forward toward the construction of the most up-to-date and modern infrastructure for the sack of both the Lupi and the city as well. 

Another step has been completed but the overall mission still needs a few formal procedures to be considered a success. Mauro Baldissoni welcomed the positive news given by the major of Rome Virginia Raggi today. But he knows that the process could still be long and tortuous.

“From the very beginning, we wanted to build the most advanced stadium possible and today we can confirm that from a mobility perspective there are no fears. A few technical and administrative steps must be completed to get to the final approval,” said the Roma vice-president Baldissoni to

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“We are working with the administration on the ‘urban variation’. We just need to address a couple of technical issues. Subsequently, the project will be passed on to the Regione Lazio who will issue the final building permits.”

Baldissoni seemed to be confident in a positive ending of these procedures. “It is about time that Roma can finally begin the construction of the new stadium.”

However, nobody still knows when the club will be given the authorization to break ground albeit mayor Raggi has stated that the proponents will have the possibility to start the construction of it before the end of the year.

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