Pallotta, a Genuine Gesture that Makes a Real Difference

James Pallotta & Stefano Bernardini - Roma Club New York
James Pallotta & Stefano Bernardini - Roma Club New York

The remarkable effort of a glorious team and its owner. President Pallotta deserves an applause for his kindness.

Football doesn’t matter, this is a real story of life. This is something more than a mere ball rolling on a field. This is a gesture of pure kindness that means so much more than a trophy lifted to the sky.

As reported by Roma on their social channels, President Pallotta decided to donate an initial sum of €150,000 to the family of Liverpool fan Sean Cox. This contribution will help Mrs Cox, Martina, to provide the necessary treatments to her husband.

I don’t care if this remarkable gesture will pop-up on the cover pages of tomorrow’s newspapers. What really matters is that Pallotta’s gesture should have the power to fill our hearts and open our eyes.

Football is a sport, a beautiful way to express our passion for something that does not belong to us by law but that we have candidly adopted in the course of our lives. But this aggregating passion sometimes makes us blind to a much more beautiful and comprehensive reality, life.

It doesn’t matter if Mr. Pallotta‘s way to do business with Roma can be questionable in someone’s eyes. What really matters is the genuine gesture of a great man who is supporting a family in need. Today, Jim Pallotta should be praised because thanks to his kindness Roma won the most important trophy out there, that of humanity. Today, the American investor is the MVP of the most important match ever played.

Football is simply a sport but life is what we want it to be. Let’s make it nicer supporting our beloved team with a rational passion.

Congratulations Mr. Pallotta. Today you made a difference as only top stars are able to do on the field.

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