Liverpool FC, a Role Model that is Damaging the Roma Credibility

The British side is investing heavily on the transfer market snatching top players from Roma. Liverpool FC are overshadowing the Italian club.

In the last couple of years, Roma and Liverpool FC‘s paths intertwined and overlapped often. While the British side is now challenging Manchester City for the Premier League title, the Lupi are still struggling to find their right dimension in the world of football.

Today, ‘CIES football observatory’ released important financial data that, unfortunately, made Roma fans upset.

According to CIES, from 2010 to 2018, Roma’s President James Pallotta poured 809 million in the transfer market. The giallorossi have replenished a tough economic situation over the years and albeit they are now a solid club their fans are still furious for the extreme trading strategy implement by Walter Sabatini first and the current Roma sporting director Monchi lately.

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In the same period under observation, Liverpool FC spent 1,071 million. But the British powerhouse is a role model that is currently damaging the Roma business.

The investment made by Jurgen Klopp on the market could put pressure on the Roma managers, a group of wise and experienced professionals that may find it difficult to explain their business model.

Although in the last 9 years Liverpool FC banked as much as Roma (683m vs 680m), the quality of the investments made by the Premier League powerhouse is definitely superior. In the last couple of years, the Reds purchased Mohamed Salah and Alisson Becker leaving the Roma fans in a state of shock that at times seemed irreversible. Their beloved players boarded the first available plane to start a new professional adventure in the U.K.

This two trades made the Lupi richer than ever but the fans of the Italian club are still blaming the duo Monchi-Pallotta for not having the slightest desire to build a winning team. Liverpool FC, instead, are benefiting from the astonishing performances of the former Roma men.

To complete a devastating picture of the current situation we must mention the 2017-18 Champions League semifinals. Although the Roma fans have been celebrating that qualification like a victory, Liverpool FC kicked the giallorossi out of the competition and Salah scored a goal against his former club.

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All this seems to be enough to say that currently Liverpool FC represent a role model that is damaging the Roma credibility. President Jim Pallotta is doing great things in the Italian capital but the investments made on the transfer market by his friend Mr. John W. Henry, the owner of the Reds, are definitely overshadowing his strategies which relate to a sustainable and long-lasting business.

It will not be easy to convince the skeptics that the project of the American investor can be a winner.

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