Nainggolan: “Martinez’s Choice is Unclear and a Tough Blow”

Radja Nainggolan - AS Roma
Radja Nainggolan - AS Roma

The midfielder is still furious for his exclusion from the forthcoming World Cup in Russia.

There’s nothing to do for Radja Nainggolan. The Belgian star is out of the most prestigious competition for national teams due to the questionable choices of the Belgian coach Roberto Martinez.

The Roma midfielder has announced the end of his chapter with the national team and spoke to ‘VTM Nieuws’ to reaffirm his disappointment.

“I wanted to go there but he made his choice even if it is still unclear to me. I cannot play in the World Cup and this is a tough blow to me. Even because I had missed it previously as well,” Nainggolan said.

“I’ve been playing in Rome for four years with excellent performance. I think I should have deserved a little more respect.”

The fans are definitely supporting Nainggolan’s cause and the player is happy with that. “It’s good seeing the fans supporting me. My teammates are on my side as well. But it’s now the moment to concentrate on the team. I hope they get as far as possible,” the Roma midfielder concluded.

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