This Is How Machine Learning Works!

Roma’s president Pallotta is ready to pursue new players thanks to data provided by a technological masterpiece.

A few days ago, we wrote about Monchi‘s trip to Boston. The Roma sporting director flew to the United States to plan future strategies with his boss. But reportedly, one of the main reasons for his trip was to learn something more about ‘machine learning’.

Yes, James Pallotta firmly believes that in order to find the next Messi, Ronaldo or Totti, the use of this technology will be necessary.

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The Italian outlet ‘’, therefore, contacted Luigi Librola, a professional who created something similar in Italy. He is one of the founders of Wallabies, a start-up that aims to find great footballers through a careful analysis of data.

We can simply say that this is a machine able to do calculations,” said Libroia. “But I am talking about intelligent calculations. For instance, if you want a player like Nainggolan, the machine will screen the market to find the most similar player in terms of “game metric”. Let’s say that Roma could pursue Barella. He would be a good choice.

“580 variables are analyzed with this machine” continued Libroia.

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We are not only talking about technical aspects (passages, shots etc.) but also the positioning of a player (run style, accelerations, changes of direction etc.). Data on the psyche are analyzed as well in order to unveil how the performance of a player changes on the basis of the result on the field, how he behaves in a very crowded stadium, or when it rains. A numerical vote is associated with every single skill. This ‘machine learning’ provides live data and it can be useful to assess if a player is tired and must be replaced.

This machine will be really useful. Clubs will save time and resources making profits. It has an unlimited potential but it depends on how professionals are willing to follow its directives” concluded Libroia.

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