Wanda Metropolitano Unveils Possible Stadio Della Roma Impact on the City

Stadio Della Roma
Stadio Della Roma

Stadio della Roma will be beneficial to the Real Estate market in Rome. It will have positive repercussions on neighboring neighborhoods.

The Stadio della Roma project is ongoing and it is going to be great for the club and the eternal city as well. This is not what supporters think and hope but it comes from a real study performed by a company exert in this sector. The construction of a new stadium is not just an advantage for the club that will own or manage it both from a commercial and a patrimonial standpoint, but it will have positive repercussions on neighboring neighborhoods.

‘Housers’, the first real estate crowdfunding platform in Southern Europe landed in recent months also in Italy, has analyzed the impact of the Wanda Metropolitano stadium on the real estate market in Madrid.

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‘Calcio e Finanza’ reported that according to ‘Antenna 3’ the average price of real estate rose by 15% in the last year. The newspaper ‘El Mundo’ quantified the appreciation of the values of the houses in a range of between 5% and 10%.

Stadiums have a great impact on the real estate market. Stadio della Roma will be beneficial for Rome as well. Nowadays, the Tor di Valle quadrant is not the best neighborhood of the eternal city, to say the least. Traffic problems and urban degradation have always plagued local residents. Pallotta‘s project will boost the potential of that area. This is not a hope but a fact.

Stadio Della Roma
Stadio Della Roma

Builders will have the possibility to further improve the area when the new AS Roma headquarters will be ready. The situation in Madrid seems to be clear. According to ‘urban Data Analitycs (uDa)’ and as reported by Italian outlet ‘Calcio e Finanza’, rents grew 12% in Rosas and 9% in Canillejas, reaching average prices of €942 and €880 per month. The profitability of these apartments settles at around 6.8%. In addition, 12,000 more apartments will be built shortly.

The Wanda Metropolitano stadium is having a great impact on Madrid’s real estate market. The Italian capital is ready to benefit from Stadio della Roma as well.

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