Roma and Totti, two worlds in conflict

Francesco Totti - AS Roma
Francesco Totti - AS Roma

Dagospia published an article of Giancarlo Dotto in which the journalist strongly expressed his disappointment for Francesco Totti’s way to manage his final moments as the AS Roma captain and hero.

“For at least six years, the last two in a bloody and less silent way, Trigoria’s infamous illness has a name, a principle and, for the moment, not yet an end. It is the war of the worlds, of the two worlds. AS Roma and Totti.

Roma and Totti, today more than yesterday, are two worlds in conflict. Two abysmally separate planets. The knot came to the comb. And the knot is called Totti. All the rest, for at least six years here, is a direct and indirect consequence. On and off the pitch. The timely mincing of coaches and managers, the failure of players to grow, religious wars among fans, the faith for the team against the idolatry for the footballer, as well as the barbaric media exploitation. Roma is standing there, nailed in its cross. Totti’s name prevents it from growing up, from breathing.

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For sure, the impossibility of untangling the “knot” Totti has resulted in a considerable loss of lucidity at Trigoria followed by most of the problems that are intoxicating the club, team, and environment. We can ask ourselves, why this desire to escape always affects people in transit to Trigoria? The AS Roma management would not have been able to impose its will as it realized how much this player had become an obstacle to the team’s growth. In the whole world, Totti is Roma. More than Roma.

A leader worthy of this name, a guy truly devoted to the Giallorossi cause would have done everything possible to unify instead of dividing. Just a single authentic word would have been enough to grumble the religious war in his name. A gesture would suffice, to stand aside in order to favor the Giallorossi peace. If Totti is a leader, if Totti is Roma, he is not free to do what he wants.”

(Dagospia – Dotto)

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