Roma-Monchi press conference: Do you believe I came here not to win?

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Monchi held his first press conference as AS Roma sporting director. The Spanish professional believes in a great future for the club.

“First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to those who wrote me in the last 3-4 months because I did not answer. I was deeply focused on my club that, at that time, was Sevilla. I do not consider myself the best sporting director in the world. I consider myself a lucky person in the career that I am following. I had other options, clubs that might look more prestigious for the name and tradition, but once I left Seville I had a very clear idea of what to do. There is a very large growth margin here. We start from a solid base that already exists. Sabatini and Massara did an extraordinary job. There are huge opportunities to grow and dream. Roma was interested in Monchi and they will allow me to work being myself.

The future depends on this present. This is true for the club and fans. It is a stimulating future because we play for the second place that is worth the direct access to the Champions League. I am here to help everyone, team, technical staff, and the club. I feel as though I am an integral part of the club and based on the present we will build the future.

I am ambitious but I do not sell smoke. I’m here to present the reality and I can say that it is not easy to fill the gap with Juventus but not impossible as well. We have excellent players on the roster.

I do not think there are secrets or magic formulas to win. There are no similarities between Sevilla and Roma. There are no two identical clubs. The answer to the secret is the work that is not only buying a player or seeing a lot of games. Roma fans deserve to dream, but we all have to help the club. If we are not all going in the same direction it is difficult to reach goals. This was done in Seville and we will also succeed in Rome. The fans deserve to see their dreams come true and I’m here to help realize them. I want to unite everyone, from Pallotta to Monchi to all the club’s employees. This will be the first step to start winning.

I am going to reveal a secret to you. The first time I was contacted by Roma, that night by arguing on the pros and cons I thought about how difficult it would have been to leave Sevilla. I analyzed the many pros, and one of them was my will to work with Spalletti. He is a very important coach. I will try to realize this possibility but at this moment we have to focus on the remaining matches. I have the hope that he can continue with us. He is one of the reasons why I decided to come here.

In reference to De Rossi, I can say that the desire and the interest of the parties are the same. Both Daniele and Roma want to continue together and it would be really weird to not reach an agreement. He is a fantastic person and we will reach this objective together. I came here a week ago and I know of the agreement between Francesco Totti and the club that stated this was his last year as a footballer. I also know that he has already signed a contract as a manager. I want to look forward and ask Francesco to be as close as possible to me. I want to learn what Roma is because he is Rome. If I learn 1% of what he knows about Rome I can be satisfied and lucky.

Baldini is the person who contacted me having received the mandate to call me.

The Champions League is very important but it is not the only important thing. We must try to qualify for the prestige it entails, for the growth of the Roma brand, and to attract important players. The concern is not for money because it can be superseded with work, but for a matter of prestige.

The strategy implemented at Sevilla was needed to fight for ambitious goals. A strategy that can be dangerous though. But we’ve solved the financial problem even by generating gains. The best things that we have done at Sevilla are the sporting successes. We will use the best strategy to achieve success here. The problem is not selling players but not buying the right ones. This is true not only for Roma but for everyone. I will answer you with a question…Do you believe I came here leaving my home in Sevilla not to win?

I don’t believe that there are unsellable players. Roma doesn’t have to sell players but the club will analyze important offers and decide what to do. Roma does not have a sign hung on the neck with the words “for sale”. Roma has a sign with the words “we win.” I like to work with young players but it is not the only goal. The objective is to play with strong and hungry players to win, then it is the same if they are 19 or 28 years old. Kessie is a great football player followed by Roma. I have great references about him. I know him already and we will see what is going to happen.”

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