Is Kessie ready to join AS Roma? 

Several times we reported that the deal between Atalanta and AS Roma for Kessie was sealed. And in reality it was. However, AC Milan’s recent intrusion and the attempt of Kessie’s agent to improve the economic terms of the midfielder’s contract complicated the situation.

Atalanta’s CEO Percassi recently reported that the Black-and-Blue of Bergamo are in total agreement with the Giallorossi but it is the player that will have to make a choice.

What we understood is that Kessie’s final  decision will be driven by economic factors. Allegedly, the player seems to be more up to go to AC Milan, a team that will very likely not play in the European cups, rather than joining AS Roma.

The question that we should ask ourselves is, therefore, the following. Is Kessie ready to join AS Roma?

In my opinion he is probably not ready at all. I’m not discussing the qualities of the midfielder, who seems to be a force of nature, but his mental predisposition to move to Rome. This is a player that, according to rumors, unveiled, more than once, his dream to join Manchester United and, ultimately, his willingness to jump on board of the AC Milan’s ship rather than the more ambitious AS Roma.

On the basis of these facts, I don’t know if AS Roma should go ahead with this deal. I am picturing what could happen in the next 12 months. Kessie and his agent  would probably begin their pressing on the Giallorossi to leave the club and join the Red Devils or perhaps another reach Premier League team. Therefore, AS Roma would be forced to replace him not giving continuity to its project.

Let’s see what is going to happen but the preliminary phases of Kessie’s negotiation are not reassuring at all.

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  1. Kessie to AC Milan. Probably it’s better that way


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