The incredible becomes credible in the AS Roma world

Once more, we did not enjoy anything. The great performance by Spalletti’s boys was crushed by a ridiculous and meaningless critique.

On the day when Roma dominated at San Siro demolishing an AC Milan with great technical weaknesses, the after game was a sad chant in which absurd criticisms were triggered.

Some argued that Totti had to enter to replace Dzeko. However, they forgot about the most important thing of the night. Roma won and caught the second place in the rankings previously occupied by Napoli.

The worst thing, though, isn’t that the press and media criticized Spaletti’s choices, but that the fans lined up against the coach to support the case of their beloved captain.

No one denies that Totti is a legend of this sport and of the city of Rome. However, it seems unbelievable that once again the man is put in front of the team.

The performance in Milan suddenly went unnoticed, forgotten by everyone, by the same Roma fans. All because Totti, the beloved idol, did not play for 5 minutes.

Endless criticisms against the coach have triggered again. Criticisms against Spalletti who, in reality, is the architect of a season in which not much more could have been done.

The Tuscan coach expressed his anger and disappointment in the post-match interviews. This time Spalletti also said something more.

“My biggest mistake was to return to Roma. I would never do it again!”

How can we not agree with his thought? Spalletti will leave at the end of the season. The denigrators and destroyers of everything and everyone have won again. But the problem is another. Once again we did not enjoy anything.

The day on which we will understand that this way to do things damages AS Roma perhaps something will change.

The incredible becomes credible in the AS Roma world. What sadness!

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