Capello: “Totti, AS Roma, and I could have won more”

Fabio Capello was the AS Roma coach from 1999 to 2004. In that period, he was fortunate enough to coach Francesco Totti when the AS Roma captain was at the peak of his physical performance.

Capello was the last coach who won the title with the Giallorossi and he always praised Totti for his great qualities on and off the pitch.

Matteo Pinci, a journalist from the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, interviewed the expert coach. Below a short report of what he had to say.

“A man who has just arrived from Spain had the courage to say that Totti is going to retire.

We cannot compare Del Piero and Totti’s stories. Del Piero went to play abroad. Totti has played until now that he is 40 years old. Francesco has been kept in Rome until the end, just like Baresi and Maldini.

Francesco Totti - AS Roma
Francesco Totti – AS Roma

Those who play with the same team their entire life must be respected, but they are also lucky as well. I have to say that I am surprised by Totti’s longevity. He had several minor physical issues and one massive injury. He was also gaining weight easily. He was good to remain in shape, but even his wife was good. Let’s say that the marriage benefited him. He took care of his body.

I do regret something of my period with AS Roma. Totti, AS Roma, and I could have won more. In 2002, we played a bad game against Venezia and we lost the second title. There was a different kind of competition at that time. Several teams were competing for the victory and the gap between them was just 3 points.”

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