Roma players earn on average £56,849 a week, 177 times more than a fan

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A cross-European study performed by deeply analyzed which teams have the biggest disparity between the average weekly wage of players and fans. This is a really interesting study because it shows how unconnected fans and players are financially.

Let’s say that the numbers that we are going to see are astonishing and they will increase the perception of the different world in which football players live. The study takes into account footballers of the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga.

The average weekly wage of a Man United player is a staggering £110,961 while the average fan from Manchester earns £393.64 per week. In light of that, we can say that Manchester United pay their players on average 281 times more than their fans earn, the third highest differential in Europe. Although the Red Devils are a world super power of football, Mourinho’s team is not sitting at the top of this special ranking. Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid pay their players 350 times what the average fan earns.


In reference to the Italian Serie A, it is not a surprise that Juventus pays their players on average 267 times more than their fans earn. The footballers of the Black-and-White of Turin earn on average £76,491 per week. Napoli players come second in this ranking earning an average £37,281, 204 times the £182 weekly wage of fans. James Pallotta pays Roma players on average £56,849 a week, 177 times the average weekly wage of fans.

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