The pathetic defeatism on Roma creates an aura of devastating pessimism

The Coppa Italia elimination suffered by Roma in the double challenge against Lazio triggered the overall pessimism of the Roman environment.

Punctual as a Swiss watch and tasty as a chocolate bar the Roman environment is ready to bury whatever has been done so far. The AS Roma’s elimination from the Coppa Italia triggered, once more, that unstoppable desire to destroy all the good things that Spalletti, the players, and the managers have done. This incurable desire to point fingers and blame someone is typical of a frustrated environment that cannot cope with the natural and unexpected development of things. This is soccer guys, an unpredictable sport that cannot be made extreme for the sake of spitting venom on the Giallorossi at 360 degrees.

Luciano Spalletti
Luciano Spalletti

The great passion for a club turns out to be a means of expressing a pent-up frustration that leads to days of depression. Every time Roma incurs in a defeat, this funeral mode mental state of its supporters triggers again creating an aura of devastating pessimism. This pathetic process is also incremented by someone’s pleasure of reporting negative facts and poignant scenarios of total disintegration.

Not later than 24 hours after the Coppa Italia defeat, rumors are stating that Manolas will be sold at Inter for €43 million plus bonus, Strootman is not sure if he will remain at Roma as well as Ruediger that is tempted by a new adventure somewhere else. In addition, just to put the knife in butter, Luciano Spalletti is finally relegated to the backstage because considered the former coach of the Giallorossi, the Stadio della Roma is, once more, delayed by the Municipality of Rome, and the AS Roma management is incompetent coming from Mars and landed on the beautiful and efficient capital of Italy. Oh my God, it’s more than a decade that AS Roma doesn’t lift a trophy but it looks like that everything was amazing before and terrible at this time. What a great way to mystify reality.

Francesco Totti - AS Roma
Francesco Totti – AS Roma

Anyone who does not think that this global pessimism and pathetic defeatism constantly inflict severe blows on AS Roma and on the flow of its development strategies is a fool. The great instability within AS Roma is also triggered by the pessimistic environment in which the club lives. Strategies may be wrong sometimes, but the funereal atmosphere that develops whenever there is an obstacle that stops the march is typical of a frustrated environment that is not helping AS Roma to become a better team.

Let’s be honest, we are as guilty as the players, the coach, and the American management. When we will realize that external factors heavily impact on the overall development of a company then we will be able to help our beloved club as well.

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