Nissan elects Barcelona as Excitement Index top team

For the second year, Nissan has released its latest Excitement Index in partnership with Loughborough University. Barcelona is the top exciting team.

Nissan conducted live “excitement experiments” on football fans during six UEFA Champions League matches. Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich was the most exciting Champions League match this season even if Barcelona top the Excitement Index Team League.

Nissan Excitement Index Formula

How does this Excitement Index experiment work?

According to Inside World Football, fans are given a wearable technology to monitor and gather data such as heart rate, breathing rate, and electro-dermal activity, to examine the physiological effect excitement has on them. This data is then matched with official match statistics from Opta to develop a scientific formula and a ranking.

Nissan Excitement Index

The resultant excitement score is calculated taking into account goal(s) scored (and when), involvement of star player(s), booking(s) and fan attendance.

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