The majesty of Rome! Happy 2,770th birthday to the eternally beautiful city

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Happy birthday to Rome, to the eternal city, to the most beautiful city in the world. 2,770 years of majesty!

I was born and raised in Rome. I spent more than 30 years in the capital of Italy. Even if my family and I moved to New York, our hearts are still and will always be there.

Today is the birthday of Rome. A monumental and historical city that shines for 2,770 years. A majestic dominance, an open-air museum that leaves everyone ecstatic.

In order to celebrate the birthday of Rome, I want to share with you what, according to my point of view, is the best video reproduction of my marvelous city.

This video was released two years ago by Oliver Astrologo, a traveler, Digital Director and Photographer with 12+ years of commercial experience in business applications. He started a video making project focused on revealing locations and stories about people.

Oliver was blown away by the beauty of Rome and revealed,

“In my life, I have been fortunate to have explored fascinating places around the world. There is one particular city though, that keeps giving me new emotions every day. It is Roma (or Rome).
Its variety of architecture that stands clearly apart from other “megacities”, its unparalleled history legacy and its intimate and quieter sides make Rome a city that does get into your bloodstream.”

R O M A from Oliver Astrologo on Vimeo.

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