Juventus vs the world!

It is hard to say what is more depressing as a Serie A and AS Roma fan.

Juventus most likely on it’s way to a record breaking 6th straight Scudetto, with only a Disney like miracle bringing the victory train to a halt. Or, the fact that almost no one in Italy (Rome to be specific) even cares or is talking about it, minus the Juventini and their fans of course. Roma’s tie with Atlanta last week more or less sealed the deal for the boys from Turin and even a Roma victory over Juventus in the final weeks of the season can’t bring back the trophy from its now seemingly permanent home up north.

AS Roma fans
AS Roma fans

In the almost week me and my family have been back in Rome, a city normally a buzz with soccer talk at this time of the year, everyone seems to be focused on everything and anything but soccer. In fact, the only people who are seemingly willing to even discuss soccer openly are the Roma and Lazio fans, and that is just to joke with each other about the normal Derby things in the week leading up to their final meeting of the season.

Juventus might as well be the fun sponge that no one wants to hang out with, sucking the life and joy out of the competition for the Serie A title race. And the worst part about all of this, is that you have to tip your hat to an organization that not only knows how to win, but also how to prevent their opponents from winning, even when they aren’t playing against them.

Can Juve’s dominance be an indication as to why the rest of the world, minus AC Milan’s new owners, really don’t care about the Serie A, nor take it seriously as a league? Has this run of dominance taken one of the best leagues in the world and put into some kind of weird second tier in the global picture?

It is almost as if Serie A on the whole has become the red-headed step child of the soccer world.

Luciano Spalletti
Luciano Spalletti

In the end, you can’t take anything away from Juventus and the milestone they are about to achieve. This streak is one of the most impressive runs in modern history. If they can cap it off with a Champions League title, not only will they make the case for the greatest team of all time in the 21st century, but also they might be the most dominant team in a domestic league ever. Problem is, there are 19 other teams, and the fans of those teams, who now have to sit back and wait for another year before Juve does it again. And with the squad they have put together, its looking like they might be going for 10 Scudetti in a row in the blink of an eye. I just wonder when the jerseys are going to have pin stripes.

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