Four weird things to analyze about Spalletti’s possible departure.

Luciano Spalletti’s saga about his possible departure from Roma represents an anomaly that cannot be justified in professional football.

There are some facets that make a difference in professional football. When a club is competing at a high level even little variations may reduce the efficiency and change the final outcome of a strategy or simply the result on the pitch. The importance of these factors could be denigrated by those who do not fully understand that in a fierce competition to succeed even an apparently minimal mistake made by a single employee of a company can compromise the global scenario.

There are four weird things to analyze about Spalletti’s possible departure that are harmful to the performances of the team and to the global strategy that AS Roma is putting in place.


  • I never heard of a club that is on hold for so long waiting for the decision of its coach. For several months, we watched Spalletti’s saga. According to what the Tuscan coach and the managers always reported, there are no certainties if Spalletti wants to keep his position as AS Roma’s coach or go somewhere else. There are two possible scenarios at this time. The first is that Spalletti and the club already have an agreement but they do not want to reveal it to the press and media. The second is that the club is seriously waiting for Spalletti’s final decision. Both scenarios are horrific and abnormal but, moreover, cannot be justified. Why are they acting in this way? The answer is, I do not know, but this simple aura of uncertainty is a killer fact for the reputation of a club that is big and is working hard to become one of the top in Europe.
  • The summer transfer market session is still far away but the strategies must be planned right now. It’s pivotal to know Spalletti’s future because the club needs to target new players for the next season. Two possible scenarios can be determined as well but, as said above, both of them are worrisome. The first would be that Spalletti is already secretly working to shape his team for the 2017-18 season, however, the question would be…Who is he talking with? Massara? Monchi? So far, even Monchi stated multiple times that he didn’t sign any contract with the Giallorossi yet so a messy situation is even weirder if we acknowledge that the club doesn’t have a real sporting director at this time. The second scenario is that AS Roma already knows about Spalletti’s departure and is searching for his replacement. This would mean that the club has been delayed by the Tuscan coach for a long time. By not having chosen a new coach AS Roma cannot plan the strategies for the future. This would be a major mistake that can jeopardize the next season.



  • The future of the coach can put in discussion the future of some footballers. Everyone knows that every coach has a trusted group of players in which he deeply believes and a few of them that are relegated in the backstage. Spalletti’s uncertainty about his future can compromise the AS Roma accounts. Let’s think about Gerson. The Brazilian midfielder was purchased for a whopping €17 million fee to pay, as always happens, in multiple years. If Spalletti remains at Roma the player must be redirected somewhere else to avoid a huge economic loss. Otherwise, if the Tuscan coach will not renew his contract the new AS Roma coach could decide to keep Gerson giving him a chance to demonstrate his value with the Giallorossi. Almost the same reasoning could be applied for Paredes, Iturbe, Doumbia and all those players with an uncertain future.
  • Spalletti’s fierce opposition to the Roman press and media is definitely a burden for the club. For a while, the coach decided to engage in a “battle” with those journalists that, according to what he said, constantly criticize him denigrating his work for unexplained reasons. Even if some of Spalletti’s points of view about this intricate story can be agreeable, the overall situation is being ridiculously weird and is damaging the reputation of the club as well. A club that wants to expand worldwide to monetize and be more desirable to sponsors cannot accept a constant “royal rumble” during the press conferences.

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