Capello: “Spalletti is right. He wants to win, not only participate”

The former AS Roma coach believes that Spalletti’s ambition to win is the right approach for the club. He experienced the same feeling when he was coaching the Giallorossi.

Fabio Capello totally agrees with Luciano Spalletti’s point of view. The former AS Roma coach, interviewed by Radio anch’io sport, understands Spalletti’s feelings and his intention to leave the club if he will not be able to win:

“I left Rome because after five years I could not give anything and I was not getting what I wanted from the players. It was time for a change. Spalletti has been there for one and a half years. He has done a very good job. The team is very good and with Scudetto’s ambitions. It is right that a coach says what he said. He wants to win, not only participate. Roma is a great team but it will not be easy to fill the six-point gap with Juventus.”


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