Ag. El Shaarawy: “He is very happy at Roma. He needs continuity. Monchi? He is the best that the market can offer”

Stephen El Shaarawy - AS Roma
Stephen El Shaarawy - AS Roma

Federico Pastorello, El Shaarawy’s agent, who manages with his brother the legal interests of the AS Roma winger, released an interview to the Italian newspapers Il Messaggero:

“El Shaarawy wants to stay at Roma for a long time. He is very happy to be there. He knows that he can give a lot to the team but he needs continuity. Everyone is waiting for something more from him. He is a strong player, he doesn’t even know about his great potential.”

Federico Pastorello was also asked about Monchi’s imminent arrival at Roma:

“Roma choose the best that the market can offer.”

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