Szczesny on Roma, Arsenal and his future

Wojciech Szczesny released an interview in which he opens the doors to a return to the United Kingdom. Arsenal is my team but I feel comfortable in Rome.

The AS Roma super-goalkeeper Szczesny was recently interviewed by the Polish portal PRZEGLADSPORTOWY.PL and he talked about his future. Below is a summary of his long interview:

“I moved to Italy and I improved a lot by playing in the Serie A. I had two great trainers but I needed to play and I am very happy about my choice. I know that my performances are good right now but I don’t care about what newspapers are saying. I want to do my best until the end of the season.

Thanks to the hard work that I did, I feel that I keep a better position on the pitch. I’m 26-years old and I can still improve. In the past, a mistake was affecting my performances for a long period, now the situation is different because I have so much more confidence in my qualities. 

Alisson deserves to play. I would like to play in the Coppa Italia as well but Alisson is the goalkeeper of the Brazilian national team and he needs chances. When we have mid-week matches I can work harder to be ready for the next Serie A game. There is no hostility between us, we support each other. He is 2 years younger than me and I try to help him as much as I can but he is already a great keeper. Skorupski and Alisson are the future of this team!

Roma is performing very well this season. I feel that we still have a chance for the Italian title and we are very confident to play our cards in all three competitions.

London is my home. I’m playing for Roma but I am an Arsenal fan. I always watch their matches, sometimes I am happy and sometimes I am sad. I am focused on my performances but I do not know where I will play in the next season.”

Official interview here!


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