Serie A: Supporters are escaping from stadiums. -2.7% from the 2015-16 season

Serie A: Supporters are escaping from stadiums. – Once more, the stadium attendance sharply declines. In the first quarter of 2017, the average number of spectators (21,622) records a decrease of 0.9% compared to the equivalent totaled at the end of the matchday 18 (21,833). This data turns out to be much lower compared to the seasonal average collected last season (22,221, -2.7%). This is what the Osservatorio Calcio Italiano reported in reference to the Serie A.

The match with the highest number of spectators at the stadium was Inter-Atalanta (59,359), thanks to this data,  matchday 28  recorded the best average in the first quarter (26,679). Inter racked up the best performance even in the matchday 26  (Inter-Roma, 58,652). Also, AC Milan sits on the podium thanks to matchday 21 when Montella’s guys hosted De Lauretiis’ team, Napoli (54,257).

Serie A: Supporters are escaping from stadiums.

Roma was deeply affected by the protest of its supporters against the security measures implemented by the Prefecture of Rome. However, AS ROMA 360 reported that the barriers at the Olimpico stadium will be removed soon and the attendance is going to increase.

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