Roma, I cannot blame you. After all it’s a game! 

My wife knows that I love to say that life is a matter of perception. It’s unbelievable how something can be perceived negatively by someone while others have a completely different point of view.

The early exit from the Europa League 2016-17 left me a bit frustrated and disappointed but even proud of the guys’ effort. I cannot blame Roma for what it did. I cannot blame Spalletti for how he tactically and mentally prepared the match. I cannot blame James Pallotta if, after five years under his management, the club still hasn’t lifted a trophy.

Do you know why? Just because it’s a matter of perception! 

What I perceived yesterday is that a group of players threw their hearts over the obstacle to pass the Europa League round. In the double clash between Roma and Lyon Spalletti’s guys deserved a better fate. Breaking down the performances of the Italian and French sides, Roma underperformed only in the second half of the first-leg match. But this is football. These are the mysterious facets of this amazing and somewhat fierce sport.

Luciano Spalletti
Photo: by Taufik Kurohman/Roma Club Indonesia/

I cannot blame Spalletti because he did what he was supposed to do. A trainer must be able to push the right chords of an instrument to let the sound come out clear and strong. During the pre-match press conference, he spread confidence for a possible comeback. He convinced his guys that although the job was difficult it was feasible as well. He tactically outperformed his French counterpart Genesio. But sometimes sport is a matter of luck too and the Tuscan coach has not been kissed by the God of football indeed.

I cannot blame James Pallotta because he is a man that has a different background and who comes from a country with different traditions and way to perceive sports. He is developing a brand, fighting against the atavic Italian reluctance for what is not made in Italy, trying to immerge himself in the difficult world of football. I cannot blame an investor that is working hard to create a sustainable economic model. If in the future, after the stadium will be built, he will decide to sell the club I could not blame him anyway. Thanks to his strategies and the business that he is developing, the club will be suitable only for rich tycoons that will keep the standard of AS Roma high.

Pallotta Roma Club NY

As you noted, everything is a matter of perception. The early Europa League exit that Roma suffered hurt me a lot. But the wound is just superficial. In my soul, I know that after all, it’s a game! 

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