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There is an interesting fact tight to the AS Roma American management, the intention to create a competent group of managers representing the best in their field of competence.

Undoubtedly, when he purchased the majority stake of the club the experience in the world of football of the Bostonian investor James Pallotta was limited. The American businessman was already involved in sports thanks to his participation in the Boston Celtics, but football is something different and the Italian environment is pretty complicated as well.

Quickly Pallotta noted that Rome is a difficult place to do business. The Roma fans are passionate, they live for their beloved club 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The American way to do business is still not widely accepted in the capital of Italy but something will change soon. The construction of the new stadium will open the eyes of those who believe that the acquisition of a single Top player is better than a sustainable project and the life of the Bostonian investor will be a bit easier from that moment on.

Although in the last five years the AS Roma American ownership made a few mistakes, the intention to set up a group of Top managers to properly run the club has always been there. Right after his arrival in Rome, James Pallotta gave the keys of Trigoria and the overall management of the club to a wise and skilled man, Franco Baldini. His troubled story with the Giallorossi is well-known but his managerial qualities cannot be discussed. Mauro Baldissoni, a reputable Italian lawyer, became the general manager of the club of Trigoria, another smart move I would say. The duo Baldini-Baldissoni were, for a while, the decision makers. Thanks to them, Walter Sabatini’s love story with AS Roma began. The Italian sporting director is considered one of the best professionals in the world of football and over the years he confirmed his skills in finding great talents and trading them for a profit.

AS ROMA 360 expressed its point of view about Sabatini’s era in this article.

Sadly, at least for me, Walter Sabatini left the club but in the same period another Top level manager joined the Giallorossi. James Pallotta decided to appoint Umberto Gandini as CEO. We can definitely say that Gandini is considered an institution in the world of football thanks to his participation in UEFA but, moreover, due to his loyal commitment in AC Milan that last for 24 years.

Rapidly coming to these days, the American management decided to replace Walter Sabatini with another superstar of the transfer market, Monchi. The Spanish sporting director is well-known for his players trading magic and will join the Giallorossi at the end of the 2016-17 season. Another great manager for Roma, a club that is desperately trying to fill the gap with Juventus to get to the top of the standings.

In the recent dinner that the AS Roma management had in Rome to convince Luciano Spalletti to accept a contract renewal, another great manager was backstage hiding in a car. I am talking about Franco Baldini in his version 3.0. The Italian manager is James Pallotta’s counselor and trusted professional who manages, once again, the club from far away, in London. Although I don’t understand the reasons why Baldini works for the Giallorossi not being in the capital of Italy, I would say that his return to the managerial quadrant is definitely beneficial.

As of today, the AS Roma managerial situation is clearer and competitive as well. James Pallotta is shaping a group of Top professionals with the main goal to let Roma make that leap in quality to reach the level of the Top European clubs. Although the construction of Stadio della Roma is pivotal for the finances of the club, the Bostonian investor is firmly committed to the AS Roma project and I believe that in the long-run his strategies will pay off.

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