The link among Pallotta’s love for big data, a scouting software, and the Barcelona Innovation Hub

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The AS Roma president loves big data and a scouting software that convinced Walter Sabatini to leave. This project resembles the Barcelona Innovation Hub.

James Pallotta is not a visionary investor from Boston but an American businessman that knows what he wants. It’s not a mystery that the United States of America is a technologically advanced country. This is the country were the most important software and technologies are invented, tested, and implemented on the market. The amazing movie Moneyball was a precursor of time. In that movie, we noted the potential of an automated scouting system that brought immense benefits to that team. I am not here saying that technology can replace sporting directors but I firmly believe that it can be a great help to discover talents and much more.

Although every strategy that AS Roma is trying to apply is fiercely criticized, especially by those that cannot cope with the always greater importance that technology has in today’s world, right now these people have to acknowledge that James Pallotta and his team are very much passionate and involved in big data and everything that revolves around the digital world. Moreover, their beliefs are not shocking madness that came from the States but strategic approaches that also other super-developed clubs are putting in place.

The Barcelona Innovation Hub is the perfect example of technology and science applied to professional football. According to the famous Spanish portal La Jugada Financera, Barça Innovation Hub will generate, acquire, share, and exploit the knowledge generated through data analysis to apply it to several projects in 5 different areas:

  • Sports Medicine;
  • Training;
  • Technology;
  • Team sports and game style;
  • Social sciences (Marketing, management, communication, etc.)


The Hub aims to boost the club’s leadership in innovation to remain competitive and bring value to sport and society. This is the beginning of a great challenge. For example, during the presentation, it was stated that less than 10% of the data that could be collected from players is currently being analyzed. Therefore, there is much potential for growth in this regard.

The data analyzed will also be used to improve the style of play. Based on the analysis of data obtained over the years using GPS, cameras, and sensors, the club can predict the success factors necessary to achieve a certain style of play. The club will know which variables will determine the success of a particular style of play.

That being said and revealed, the AS Roma president and his group of collaborators are working hard to improve the quality of the team as well as to elevate the technology standards. The American way to do business is linked to big data, technology, analysis of data, and sustainability. These are simple and understandable concepts that if carefully implemented can boost the overall performance of a club.

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