The most followed sports in Italy: Football first, rugby is on the rise

A recent research performed by StubHub, a platform specialized in tickets sale that was recently acquired by eBay, revealed that the most followed sport in Italy is still football. The passion of the Italians for this sport seems to be unstoppable.

92% of Italians use this platform to buy tickets for football games. StubHub also highlighted that rugby is a sport on the rise in the Bel Paese. The gestures of these giant athletes are increasingly engaging the Italian fans. Tennis still sits in second place of this special ranking while Formula 1 suffered a drastic lack of interest.

AS Roma squad

The most followed sports in Italy

  1. Football;
  2. Tennis;
  3. Rugby;
  4. Basketball;
  5. MotoGP;
  6. Wrestling;
  7. Formula 1.

The purchase of tickets for sports events surged 20%. This increment in sales decreased the average price of the tickets, from €141 in 2015 to €124 in 2016 (-12%).

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