Europa League: SKY bets on the AS Roma fans offering a 50% discount to go to the stadium

The controversial marketing campaign launched by the Italian pay-tv SKY triggered criticisms among the supporters of the other Italian clubs.

Marketing is a great tool to enhance revenues and developing a business but it could even be a double-edged sword. Yesterday, SKY Italia decided to promote an initiative to push the AS Roma supporters to go to the Olimpico stadium for the Europa League match between Roma and Lyon. Apparently, this was a great strategic move for the pay-tv media company. Due to the early elimination of the other Italian teams from this international competition an eventual defeat of AS Roma could decrease SKY’s revenues even more.

SKY offer AS Roma Lyon - Europa League

This is the reason why SKY decided to offer a 50% discount to those that are its customers for more than one year. Therefore, football lovers that have a contract with SKY have the opportunity to purchase tickets in Monte Mario and Tribuna Tevere at half price. A single person can buy up to 4 tickets for this game.

Although this offer makes the AS Roma fans happy, it disappointed the aficionados of the other Italian clubs who flooded the social networks threatening SKY to cancel their membership if the same offer will not be made for their clubs as well. Other people were asking themselves if those that purchased the ticket for this game prior to the offer will get reimbursed. However, the tickets sale for the Europa League match Roma-Lyon is going slowly, 21,000 people will support the giallorossi at the Olimpico stadium.

The big clash Roma-Lyon will take place on March 16th, at 4:05 pm (EST). Are you planning to watch this match? Here some info for you!

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