Ag. Emerson Palmieri : “He is already in a big club. He is happy at Roma”

Alessio Ceccarelli, Emerson Palmieri’s agent, believes that the Brazilian full-back improved a lot and that he is happy to remain at Roma even if many important clubs are interested in purchasing him.

The famous Italian portal La Roma 24 contacted Emerson’s Palmieri agent Alessio Ceccarelli to know more about the amazing moment that the Brazilian fullback is living at Roma. These are his words…

“Emerson is a player that has to be thankful to Spalletti and Sabatini which believed in his qualities. However, he has to be proud of what he has done so far. He always believed in his skills and he has had great self-esteem. He never gave up. Sometimes he made mistakes but he worked hard to get to this point. I believe that he is still not at the top of his performance. I actually believe that he showed off only  70-75% of his potential.

He is a player with confidence. You can see it by analyzing the statistics. Emerson is a player that touches many balls so he is very sought out by his teammates. Obviously, his self-esteem grew, he is more confident in the transition of the ball, in the possession phase, in setting the pace of the game, as well as in finalizing the action. It’s a matter of trust. The more your play the better you are.

In reference to his possible call-up for the Italian national team, we firmly believe that Ventura is right. He has to deserve it but he would be immensely happy to join Italy.

There are not many good left fullbacks in the world. It’s normal that many big clubs are chasing him because he plays on such an important team like Roma and his performances are constantly positive. However, the actual situation is that Emerson plays at Roma, a great team in which he has the total trust of the coach and of the management as well. In this moment there are not possibilities for him to think about a future somewhere else. Only the club can decide his future, although everything can happen in the transfer market. His main goals are to overturn the result against Lazio and get as high as possible in the league.

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