Stadio della Roma: A vehicle for exponential growth

Roma stadium - Photo: Stadio della Roma
Roma stadium - Photo: Stadio della Roma

We are in favor of the Stadio della Roma project. As the Mayor of Rome said, obviously it has to cope with the local rules.

(AS Roma Ireland – Roma Club Dublin – ASROMA.IE): We don’t want speculations or scandals like those at Italia 90. However, it doesn’t look like the rules are not being respected. The project has been presented in accordance with the bureaucratic procedures as provided by law. In a second moment, there will be the need to check if everything is going ahead as planned.

Until proven otherwise, the project was temporarily rejected due to various problems related to the viability, and to the security, disposal and hydraulic systems. We firmly believe that if these are the only issues that are delaying the Stadio della Roma project those in charge will promptly fix everything. However, if the project has been rejected for other reasons, still not officially released, we have to wait until the conference of services is over at the end of February.

ASRoma Club Eire - Dublin - Ireland
ASRoma Club Eire – Dublin – Ireland

Now we need clarity, time is over, in reality it has already been a long time that we needed explanations and clarifications about the Stadio della Roma. If Virginia Raggi’s council is asking for a reduction of the cubature of this project we have to see if the proponents are willing to do so also due to the massive investments that they have to make on public works needed for the city of Rome. Otherwise, the expenses on that front should be reduced as well.

An agreement must be found because the Stadio della Roma project is too important for the club and for the city as well. As the town council stated, it has to be developed in respect of the rules of the city’s master plan. The proponents must have their economic returns as well as the Municipality of Rome. So we are asking ourselves…How can these issues be solved? This is the dilemma!

We firmly believe that these works can be vehicles for an exponential growth, a domino effect that could benefit the city of Rome. The Olympic games were something different, a different business with different kinds of profits. Here we believe that Stadio della Roma would definitely be an opportunity rather than a burden. The Municipality of Rome doesn’t have to spend anything for this so other economic resources can be redirected to primary projects to improve the city. The proponents will have a great long-term business but the whole city and its inhabitants will benefit from the construction of the Stadio della Roma. #FamoStoStadio



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