Pallotta threatens Roma: catastrophic if Stadio della Roma is rejected! 

Roma Stadium Business Park (photo: Stadio della Roma)
Roma Stadium Business Park (photo: Stadio della Roma)

Let’s put aside patriotism and love for our own country trying to further analyze what the AS Roma president James Pallotta, his group of investors, and the supporters of the giallorossi are experiencing since the presentation of the Stadio della Roma project. Honestly, I wouldn’t have ever thought that my beloved country would have been so stuck in questionable games of power and bureaucracy as it is.

It seems to be clear that the Stadio della Roma is the “toy” used by those in power to reaffirm their fairness and honesty in the eyes of the electors while, on the other side, mere games of power are in place to denigrate the work of Virginia Raggi, the Mayor of Rome, and her council.

This story seems to be unclear and weird and I cannot believe that after 5 years since James Pallotta presented that monumental project political parties are still fighting against a man that should be hailed as the savior of a country in a heavy economic distress. I also personally admire the apparent calm of the Bostonian investor. Those who know him can say that Pallotta is a guy who knows what he wants with a make it happen personality typical of the American culture. Sometimes, the AS Roma president could also have a fiery character but in reference to the countless issues that he had to solve to go ahead with the Stadio della Roma project, I have to say that he showed off the wisdom of an expert businessman.

Until yesterday when, just a few days before the final judgment for the stadium, he covertly threatened the Municipality of Rome that the rejection of the Stadio della Roma project could trigger a catastrophic domino effect for Rome, Italy and the AS Roma.

What was he referring to?

It seems to be clear that James Pallotta and the Italian constructor Parnasi are ready to sue the Municipality of Rome. According to an estimate recently performed this could cost Rome €1 billion. The breakdown of costs could be as follows:

  • 2.8 million Romans could be forced to pay €400;
  • €840 million shortfall in tax revenues;
  • €200 million shortfall in public works.

Checkmate I would say! The already troubled Rome would fall on bankruptcy and the government would be forced to find an urgent solution to rescue the capital of Italy and its citizens. Moreover, the image of Italy would be screwed worldwide with the consequence that foreign investors would probably be reticent to approach the Bel Paese for business purposes again.

What would Pallotta do then?

I believe that if the Stadio della Roma project will be rejected the president would probably try to sell the club. How could we blame him for that! Whether we like it or not, football is a form of business and if an investor doesn’t see the possibility to make a profit he would definitely pull the oars to redirect his interest somewhere else.

Do you guys remember what happened with George Soros a decade ago? According to what James Pallotta also once said, the story of the billionaire interested in the acquisition of AS Roma was true. But when he understood that the situation was fishy, due to the creative offer of the Arab sheik brought up from the Sensi family, he had no more interest in presenting a formal offer to close the deal.

In conclusion, the Stadio della Roma represents the salvation project for Rome and Italy as well. I seriously hope that among the fierce battle that various political parties are putting in place there will still be someone who brings to the table the most important topic. The Stadio della Roma is the most important occasion for Rome and for Italy to boost their economy and to give back hope to the citizens.

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