Marca’s idea: All-Star Game of the European football, North vs South

How would the All-Star Game of the European football be? The Spanish newspaper Marca recently launched an interesting idea.

Football is a great sport that triggers the passion and dreams of millions of fans around the globe. The Champions League is the best European competition for clubs where the best teams with the best stars are competing to get to the Top of the world.

Although every Tuesday and Wednesday we are stuck in front of the TV to watch unbelievable and exciting matches between clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Manchester City and so on, there is an interesting proposal launched by the Spanish newspaper Marca that has recently received positive feedback from football lovers. We are talking about the All-Star Game of the European football, a match between those players that are playing in important leagues of the North and South Europe.

Undoubtedly, this format is not new in sports. It seems to be a replica of what is happing in the United States in the NBA but it would definitely be unique to implement it in football as well.

Marca All-Star Game North
Marca All-Star Game

In order to properly launch this idea, Marca also fielded two teams (one for North Europe and one for South) including players of the 5 main European Leagues (Italy, Spain, and Portugal vs Germany, France, and England). The match would be an amazing show, this seems to be clear just looking at the players that could be fielded such as Ibrahimovic, Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba etc.

Marca All-Star Game South
Marca All-Star Game

Although Marca’s idea of organizing an All-Star Game of the European football is very interesting there would be technicalities to overtake. The calendars of the big teams are very busy all year long due to the national and international competitions in which these clubs are included. We have to also put into account that all these stars join their respective national teams for the qualifications to the European Cup or to the World Cup.

In conclusion, I do not believe that this idea can be realized during the season but it could take place right at the end of it. It would be a kind of final match played every year among the best players of the planet to close the intense year of football. This would create a healthy rivalry among the North and South teams and a great show for the audience.

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