For somebody called the ‘ninja’, Radja Nainggolan has been anything but, quiet as the night.

Radja Nainggolan currently finds himself in the Spotlight due to his comments but, if he can back them up, all would be right in the world again for the romanisti.

Now deep into his third full season with Roma, his play has definitely been some of the most reliable amongst the team during his tenure. His passion for the city and the team are now clearly cemented after his most recent comments to several supporters. The question is what are Roma’s intentions with him.
Radja Nainggolan - AS Roma
Photo: by Ed Moynihan/
His current value in the transfer market is 35mil and considering the Romans acquired him from Cagliari for 18mil, selling him for substantially more money is definitely a possibility considering his current market value. Then imagine his offseason value increase if Roma miraculously win a trophy of some kind this year, although not one of their three potential pieces of hardware will come easy. He could be the player that spurs a Roma buying spree if he were to be sold in the next transfer window. And yet through it all Nainggolan is at this point gangster enough to discuss eating his balls to beat Juventus, while smoking a cigarette during a conversation with the ultras. He has become a romanisti wet dream if Pallotta and co hang on to him. Then understand that Roma have him under contract until June of 2020, and between him and Strootman, you have one hell of a duo to build a team around. This is even more important considering Totti’s career is ending and DeRossi is also approaching the end of his tenure for Roma. So for now, the only thing to do as Roma fans is lament about who could we get in return that would have the same resume and the same passion for Roma. Who would be able to bring the same intensity and tenacity that he is now known and respected for in the Capitol city?
Nainggolan cartoon
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Not only does he love his team, but he also has the gumption to talk smack about Lazio. Combine all of this with a rocket of a right foot that has become famous for long-range blasts, Ninja is not so much the quiet stealth type of ninja, but the loud raucous ninja like Po from Kung-Fu Panda. And all of us with kids know how that movie turned out.

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