Football in streaming on Facebook: Shady pages are illegally violating copyrights

The phenomenon of the illegal streaming is struggling but still going on. Facebook is the social network targeted to illegally stream football matches and other sports events.

The worldwide popularity of Facebook is well-known but those who want illegally put football in streaming targeted the social network of Mark Zuckerberg to do so.Millions of people are now following matches online on fake pages created for this purpose.

Nowadays, technology allows online pirates to do what they want earning serious amounts of money thanks to advertising banners and pop-ups visible on the page. Recently, after the invention of Facebook Live, matches between Top teams were streamed online with millions of people connected to watch.

According to the famous Spanish portal, LaJugadaFinanciera, in the past, the clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid collected a live audience of 700,000 people and the page was liked by over 1 million football lovers. This was an incredible turnout compared to those people that legally watched the match on TV (2.2 million).

According to official data, these matches are watched by over 600 mln people.

The same match between the two Spanish giants was illegally followed on one fake page by more than 5 million people in different moments.

Facebook has the possibility to close these fake pages and interrupt the illegal streaming of football thanks to its application, Rights Manager. However, recently Champions League matches and clashes of La Liga were still watchable online. It is definitely difficult for Facebook to stop these pirates because fake pages are opened at the beginning of the games and closed at the end.

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