Ancelotti praises AS Roma’s effort for the Stadio della Roma

In a recent interview, Carlo Ancelotti, Bayern Munich’s coach remarked the importance of improving the stadiums in Italy.

Everyone knows that nowadays Italian football is behind that of the United Kingdom, Spain, and Germany because the clubs are not able to increase the revenue from the stadiums. A recent report released by Deloitte highlighted that the Italian clubs, Juventus not included, are generating decent cash flow only from the TV rights while those from the stadium are just 10% of their overall revenues.

The former AS Roma midfielder and actual Bayern Munich trainer Carlo Ancelotti expressed his point of view about the effort that AS Roma is making to build the Stadio della Roma and the importance of improving the facilities in Italy:

“The decision of the Municipality of Rome opens a door to renew the Italian stadiums” he said at Radio Anch’io Sport – “There is no technical and tactical difference between the Italian and the foreign teams because the Serie A is much respected worldwide. The real difference is in the stadiums because in almost every part of Europe they have been renewed and this factor allowed the clubs to have a higher economic return.”  

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