Pallotta will be the best president that Roma ever had!

Roma’s president James Pallotta will be remembered as the best owner the giallorossi ever had as soon as the stadium will be built. 

This is not a hypothesis or a matter of examining facts in a positive way, what I am talking about is based on economic factors and incontestable rules of business. As soon as the Municipality of Rome gives the green light to build the new Roma stadium Mr. Pallotta will be able to convert criticism into applause. I can understand that investment strategies or return on investment (ROI) are not familiar arguments for all of us but when the Lupi tread the grass of the new stadium everything will be much clearer for those fans who are still skeptical about the future of the club.

Last January, as is the case every year, the famous consulting company Deloitte released the data about the revenues collected by the clubs who own a stadium. The trend confirmed that Barcelona and Real Madrid are teams of another planet if compared with the Italian clubs and also several clubs in the Premier League are definitely generating more revenue than the best teams of the “Bel Paese.” However, there is positive news for the Italian Serie A and it comes from Agnelli’s team, Juventus. In this case, the bianconeri should be taken as an example by other Italian clubs. In fact, by building the “Juventus stadium” they sharply boosted their revenue and potential. If we also analyze their sponsorship deal with Adidas and the great performance in the Champions League we will be able to understand why the bianconeri increased their revenue from €154M in 2011 to €324M in 2015.

We have to admit that Roma perfectly fits in this scenario as well. Even if someone does not want to admit it, James Pallotta brought the best team of the capital of Italy in the top 20 clubs in term of revenue. The American management is carefully evaluating different strategies to boost the popularity of the team worldwide and, on the other side, Pallotta & Co. increased the revenue from €127M to €180M in just one year. Obviously, this is not enough. Roma are still not able to compete with the top Spanish and British teams but it is certainly a positive starting point. The stadium is the key to unlock that great potential that Roma have and, as never before, the giallorossi are very close to having their new home.

When the bureaucratic processes are over and the new Roma stadium is built Mr. Pallotta will be praised and elected the best president Roma ever had!

Think positive!

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