Roma-Fiorentina 0-3: An obscene spectacle!

Unbelievable match between Roma and Fiorentina with the giallorossi that have provided an obscene spectacle in front of many passionate supporters. The Europa League has gone, Fiorentina goes ahead.

I have to say that I’m disgusted with Roma‘s daily performance! What I’m going to analyze is simply a shocking match played by the giallorossi that “allowed” them to get out of the Europa League. There would be no words to comment what just happened at the Olympic stadium but I have to say something anyway. Yes, because I want to carefully analyze what I believe to be one of the worst performances that Roma provided in many years. Some of you could remind me about the two times that the giallorossi suffered 7 goals from Manchester United and Bayern Munich but I seriously believe that today’s show is something that the passionate AS Roma supporters will not forget for a while.

After the pre-match press conference I mentioned my appreciation for Garcia and Keita’s words. I also stated that my feeling was that Rudi Garcia finally returned to lead his ship and was ready to drive it out of the storm but Roma-Fiorentina has definitely denied my assessment. Roma is in the middle of a nervous breakdown and probably his doctor, Rudi Garcia, is not able to find a cure. Today Garcia’s guys were able to beat another record by conceding 3 goals to their opponent in just 25 minutes. This performance is scandalous and worries me a lot, however, I would like to find out a positive message from this incredible defeat.

I reckon that things are going to change from now onwards. Rudi Garcia seriously stated:

“I’m ready to go to war. Only those who have the right personality and character will come with me. I don’t care about the others.”

The Frenchman is going to revolutionize the team. He seems to have launched the challenge to those players that are not with him anymore. At this stage the question is…

Are there really players that are playing against the coach?

I believe so. In the last few weeks I was really disappointed about Rudi Garcia‘s way to manage his team. More than once I wrote bad things about Garcia’s outdated module and the fact that Roma’s 4-3-3 seems to be really predictable. Even if I believe that the Frenchman is not totally free of fault from today I also believe that some of the players are probably strategically plotting against him. I don’t know which those players are and why they are doing that but I definitely noted that the players are not giving everything on the playing field for the sake of Roma. It’s not just a problem of module and disposition of the players on the field there is something more that we’ll never know but that thanks to these disastrous performances we actually already discovered.

Rudi Garcia’s strong words made me think a lot. I’m sure that he is going to close the door in someone’s face right now and he will reopen it just at the end of the season to sell those who he believes to be the “saboteurs.”  

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