Serie A (2014/15) Roma-Fiorentina 2-0: Stats & Performances

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Garcia’s guys centered their first success of this season thanks to a really convincing and well played first half. I believe in the veracity of the stats because the numbers never lie. That’s why I’m going to analyze Roma-Fiorentina by taking into account a few statistical aspects that i believe to be really important.

The first data to highlight is the number of the passes completed by both teams. During the 90 and more mins Roma successfully completed 472 out of 532 passes (89%) while Fiorentina 333 out of 396 (84%). However, I believe that this gap has been created thanks to Roma’s stellar first half. In fact in the first 45 mins of the match Roma made 346 passes of which 316 were perfectly completed. In the second half, however, Roma suffered Fiorentina’s freshness and the data are there to highlight this aspect as well. In the second 45 mins of the game Roma successfully completed only 160 out of 190 passes far below that provided in the first half of the match. In light of the data provided above the final ball possession resulted to be 57.2% for Roma while 42.8% for Fiorentina. The same percentiles have been collected in reference to the portion of the field exploited by Roma and Fiorentina to develop their tactics.

Due to Roma best global performance Fiorentina led in tackles completed 18 out of 34 for Montella’s guys while 13 out of 20 for Garcia’s team. Roma also demonstrated to enjoy playing with fast triangulations, ball on the ground, and impressive accelerations to trigger Iturbe and Gervinho. In fact Roma lost more aerial duels than Fiorentina, 5 won out of 17 while Fiorentina ended the game with 12 won out of 17. This data is amplified by the tactics of the two teams which, as we saw last year, love to play the ball on the ground thanks to the excellent technical quality of their interpreters. For these reasons it is interesting to highlight that Fiorentina did not collect any corner during the match while Roma only 2.

Let’s now discover Miralem Pjanic’s performance, one of the most influential players of the match beyond the MVP Radja Nainggolan of whom I spoke about HERE.Pjanic620x264

I believe that the Bosnian star was very important for the proper development of Gracia’s tactic on the pitch. Together with AS Roma legend Francesco Totti, Pjanic perfectly managed 63 out of 70 passes from the midfield line. In addition he properly supported Roma’s offensive line by successfully completing 25 out of 29 passes from the attacking third portion of the pitch. In that advanced position Pjanic was also able to create 5 possible chances to score. It is really interesting to see that one of the major pass combinations of the match was that between Torosidis and Miralem Pjanic (15 passes) and vice versa (10 passes). These data are important because they highlight that Roma had a greater offensive propulsion from the right fullback who constantly supported Roma’s offensive trio Totti-Gervinho-Iturbe.

In conclusion, these data provided are there to justify Roma’s victory. Garcia’s guys played an excellent match with the right class and malice.

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