Bad Waltersdorf-Castan: Press conference

Today, Leo Castan was the protagonist of the press conference in which he expressed his happiness to play for this glorious club:

How do you feel?

“I feel well. I am really happy to be part of this team. I’m working every day to recover from my injury but at this time I do not feel anymore discomfort in my leg.”

Targets for the future?

“We did a great season but we must continue on this path. However, if we want to be like Juventus we must win something. We do not have to speak to much we must demonstrate that we are able to win.”

About the election of the President of the FIGC?

“I spoke with Morgan De Sanctis who comes later because of it. I hope they will choose the right person, the Italian football can improve.”

If we believe to the Scudetto?

“We have a really strong team and we will challenge for the title. We will play three matches per week but we can perform well. I do not know if the club are purchasing other players but I’m sure that they will make the right choices.”


“I do not know what he wants to do but I’m ready to play well also with another teammate.”


“We are subjected to heavy workloads because we have must play more competitions but we are really happy.”

Do you feel the pressure?

I’d rather have this pressure, we have experienced players. As I previously said we do not have to speak to much we must win.”

Do you think that Benatia is going to remain in Rome?

“I hope so. He is a big friend of mine and I hope he can always perform well. However, I believe that we win and lose in 11, indeed in 20 or 30, the entire group.”


“We are waiting for him. I called him and I told him that I feel alone, I am the only Brazilian here. We want him in the group because he is an important player for us.”


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