Pannes: “The project is in the public interest”

Source: Roma Channel

Mark Pannes, a member of the board of AS Roma, released an interview to the Roma Channel:

What’s the last update on the new stadium?

The last updates are very positive. Since the day of the presentation we have made ​​progress refining the design, working on the financing of the project and addressing issues related to security and commercial aspects.

Any updates on the approval process?

There are certain factors to be taken into account. Rarely these kind of projects are automatically approved. Mayor Marino and his staff have been excellent and have worked with us in a very professional manner.

Can you present us the aspects of the public interest covered by this project?

The comments on the public interest of the project were many and they are often focused only on the club and the new stadium. The reality is that we have a much wider idea of ​​ public interest. A very important factor is the creation of employment. We’re talking about a minimum of 3,000 jobs created during the construction period and at least that many when the stadium will be opened. If we add the areas devoted to entertainment, cinemas, restaurants and offices we will create more new jobs. There will be an economic impact at the beginning, but later on this project will generate hundreds of millions of Euros of revenue per year. This project will provide many people with a career and financial stability and will also help to support the State thanks to the contributions of the tax that will be transferred before to the city of Rome then in the region and then nationally. We are also improving infrastructure and transport system and we are adding green space to the project. All this is in the public interest.

Why is it essential to plan integrated work?

The costs related to infrastructure are very high and in order to support private funding we are looking for a business that is open day and night.

Could you explain the relationship between AS Roma and the new company that will manage the stadium?

We have a property that have a controlling stake in the club, and the same group will have the controlling interest even in the stadium. What we have is a group of managers (the property) and a stadium on one side, while there is AS Roma on the other, both controlled by a group that is led by Mr. Pallotta. The result is that we do not have the ability to have the same set of properties for both, and this is the main reason why we have this pyramidal structure. We must remember that the holding companies of both sides is a holding company controlled by Mr. Pallotta. It is not realistic to think that one of the two entities (the stadium or the club) can be sold individually because their combined value is much higher than their individual value.

How are you addressing the environmental issue?

We have always taken in to account the environmental aspects. We have invested heavily to ensure that the entire area can be as “green” as possible.

Could you illustrate to us the work plan regarding roads and transport?

We need to update the access roads around the entire plant. We want to connect it better facilitating the access of vehicles to the highway which is located nearby. We are also aware that we need to increase the links with Via del Mare and Via Ostiense. We need to work on both lines of the subway and on Tor Di Valle station. Nearly $ 300 million of private investment are related to the infrastructure of this project. We know that around the world is very difficult to find a private organization ready to take charge of an investment so high and we are proud of what we are doing. Finally, we believe that is necessary and essential to ensure the safety of thousands of supporters, fans, passionate about concerts, shoppers and office workers in their travels to and from the new area.

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