It will be the Roma stadium…stop spreading disillusions!

Roma’s supporters are constantly bombarded by negative news about their team. I would say that this is the price to pay because we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and many people are just jealous of that. Especially in Italy where the challenge between north, center and south as well as between regions is just crazy. Especially in a country where soccer is more than a passion but a religion.

Everyone knows about the new AS Roma’s stadium and the incredible Italian bureaucracy that is trying to obstacle Pallotta’s dream to realize the new Roma’s headquarter. When the project has been presented to the mayor of Rome and subsequently to the media it seemed to be ok…however….

However, due to the jealousy of some, Roma’s supporters are bombarded with rumors of disillusion for a project that, as they say, will never be realized. Although the mayor and his collaborators are actually actively collaborating to this project some weird person in power is now highlighting that the stadium, probably, will be realized but it will not be Roma but Pallotta’s property. In fact, in the prospectus released a few days ago concerning the capital increase it is stated that, in the first period, Pallotta and his group are the owners of the stadium that will be rented to Roma’s team. Exactly what is happening with CONI right now. However it is not properly highlighted that many sponsors will be included in the construction of the stadium and, moreover, that the main purpose of it is to create a incredible business around it such as shops, restaurants, offices, hotels and so on. All this business will exist because the team will play there and to confirm it we already know that Roma’s training center will be located there as well.

If after the construction of the stadium Pallotta will sell the club he will not be able to sell it without including in the negotiation the stadium as well. That is so because an hypothetical new owner could also decide to bring the club back to the old stadium, Stadio Olimpico, if something weird would happen. In that remote case, Pallotta will own a stadium that will not be used anymore, or at least, it will be used only a few times per year for concerts or other events. This apocalyptic scenario seems to be to impressive for a genius of thriller as well. What Pallotta would do with an almost unused stadium in the other side of the world and with many debts to pay?

I can understand that we always have to think bad about people. This is a typical Italian tradition and, in a way, we are also justified because in this amazing country every weird thing could happen. However, I believe that we should only realize that the American way of doing business is superior to ours. They are constantly looking to a profitable way of doing business while we only try to discover hypothetical scams.

I’m sorry but I prefer their approach, perhaps I’m weird as well but probably that is why our country is collapsing and the U.S. is rapidly recovering from the recession. It is a matter of perception, a matter of doing things rather then only promising them.

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