Borriello must leave…now or never more!

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It seems like that this could have been Roma’s management main topic in the last meeting that they had in Boston. It could have been Pallotta’s final statement in front of his collaborators. I was not present there but I am confident that if the words weren’t exactly those previously said the undermining was that Borriello must leave…now!

For many reasons this should be the right year. Firstly, Borriello is in his last year of contract with Roma and if he accepts to go to Genoa he could extend his contract perhaps for another couple of years. Secondly, Roma’s management do not want to pay €4 million net for a player that will sit on the bench for most of the season. Thirdly, Gilardino is going to accept a crazy offer from China where he will gain sensibly more. On the other side Genoa need to replace him and Marco Borriello is always been very appreciated by Genoa’s president Preziosi.

These are the facts and the conclusions are coming soon. Borriello will play with Genoa next season for everyone’s happiness. Roma will save around €6 million that is exactly the same amount that Sabatini payed to redeem Nainggolan from Cagliari. Maths is not an opinion and Sabatini knows how to count very well.

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