AS Roma stadium: Pallotta should be sainted…Now!

Private investors will support a total expenditure of  287 million allowing the municipality of Rome to not pay anything. From a couple of days ago, the “Stadio della Roma” and all that will be built around it is available for citizens who will be interested to see the whole complex that will change the face of a side of Rome. An incredible project that will bring many jobs to a city that requires a lot of resources to renew itself.

Pallotta & Co. should be immediately sainted for the immense possibility that they are giving to Rome. Through the construction of the stadium Pallotta will definitely increase the value of its team but, moreover, his project will be able to project Rome in the future by creating a sort of Central Business District (CBD) that will incorporate offices, hotels, and entertainment for the Romans and for the entire community.

At this stage, the only one that seems to have understood the potential of this project is Marino, the Mayor of Rome. A couple of days ago, at the inauguration of the “Casa della città” he re-stated:

Our commitment is to complete a rigorous examination in less than 90 days required by law (the deadline is the 27th of August). We believe to complete the investigation in less than 70 days…certainly without any shortcut but in compliance with what is in the public interest.”

Also the head of the City’s planning department”, Councillor Caudo, agrees with the Mayor of Rome:

We must give an answer by August 27th, but we are already making the request for the preliminary conference of the services that we believe will done by the end of July.”

In short, Rome seems to be prepared to change face. The authorities seem to have realized the importance of this project and, therefore, they seem to accelerate those bureaucratic processes. The end of the summer is not far away, let’s hope that all the fine words are turned into facts…fingers crossed!

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