An old football system in a country with no generational replacement

It would be easy for me to say that Italian football is the mirror of the country. How many people already said that?…too many!

The disastrous World Cup mission in Brazil did not highlight the gaps in the Italian football system but it simply has confirmed them. However, the main problem is that we are not able to change! As Italians we make mistakes and we persevere in repeating the same. We are always rooted in our traditions without taking into account that the world has changed.

The Italian football system seems to be dead. Inappropriate stadiums, a virtually absent sport justice, and a sports culture that no longer exists. These are not my ideas…These are facts guys!

Although these are true things that we can experience on a daily basis the leaders of our football system still do not understand that this is the time to change. Abete, Albertini and Prandelli decided to resign but, nowadays, we still have to read that their successors are not young and capable managers but old and experienced workers that legislate for years in the same system…the same Italian football system that is in a vertical decline witnessed by the European performance of our clubs and national team.

Some people who still want to think positive say that they should change before it is too late, before football is dead. However, they do not understand that football is already dead!

The poor Italy is unable to shake off the old (wise?) men who for years have legislated. Enough! Puppeteers…you need to give space to the young people and let the necessary generational change happen.

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